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A Daily’s crusade to save our rivers September 20, 2009

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Save Rivers, Save Dhaka 1The rivers and canals of Dhaka over the years are being grabbed by the influentials and the greedies. So far no political power took any real initiative to free the rivers and canals from the gravers. As a consequence, drainage of water of Dhaka city is grossly affected, many of the areas inundated by a small rain water, pure water become scarcy and diarrhoea spread like havoc within short time. The rivers are not only becoming thinner, the water is also polluted by the waste of the facotories and industries so much so that WASA becomes unable to supply fresh water to the inhibitants of the capital, the fishes are dying under the pollution and the water become so thick that even swimming at places is impossible and navigation through rivers become difficult.

Save Rivers, Save Dhaka 3
When the political power fails, il’s a Daily in Bangladesh that virtually started a crusade against the grabbers. It has started to publish investigative reports on the state of the rivers relentlessly. It’s pictorial presentations have caught the eyes of many. Even Prime Minister Sk Hasina feels concern and orders the related authorities to take immediate measures and declares that her government will take stern actions against the wrongdoers.

We are not sure how far Government would succeed in fulfilling its pronouncement but we appreciate the effort made by a Daily, the Daily Star of Bangladesh to make the life of the citizens healthy and comfortable. A pioneer TV channel, Channel Eye forms a partnership with the Daily in the endevour.

An ordinary citizen


Save rivers, Save Dhaka

Our rivers, our dreams-Morshed Ali Khan

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1. Mahmud - September 20, 2009

A very important post on such a topic….
Thanks Bdoza vai for you nice thoughts…:)

Hope this critical condition to be solved soon…. though I don’t believe it to be solved…. 😦

2. Pastoon - September 21, 2009

[…] Ordinary citizen highlights the crusade of some local media to save the rivers of Dhaka from […]

3. A Privileged Club - September 21, 2009

[…] Ordinary citizen highlights the crusade of some local media to save the rivers of Dhaka from […]

4. nickwardscenarios - October 22, 2009

How we go about the continued environmental protection of the Thames which in the 1960s was declared a ‘dead’ river is to impress upon politicians that a clean river always has the support of the majority. Polluters must be prosecuted. Rivers are the life-blood of the planet. Sacred geometry in action. Good luck with your battle to create a future for your children. Nick Ward, River Environmentalist.

Be fearless. Polluters are the scum of the earth.


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