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US dilemma on Afghan Strategy October 20, 2009

Posted by bdoza in International Affairs.
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In the inauAfghan war -1guaral speech  President Obama outlined the strategy to combat terrorism. He promised to withdrew troops from Iraq and concentrate more on Afghanistan and if necessary to strike Pakistan. Troops withdrawal from Iraq has started as promised though a bit slowly, but US strikes the terror den along the Pak -Afghan border. But suicidal attacks now more spread up in larger areas of Pakistan.

The war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly difficult and US and other international allies are counting more casualties. When Obama was resetting his priorities and thinking not to increase forces in Afghanistan and concentrating more in Pakistan, his Chief Commander in Afghanistan declared publicly that 40000 more US troops are necessary to succeed there  that made  the Obama Administration  embarrassed. The Secretary for Defence Gates had to tell the media that senior officials, civil or military. should convey their advice only privately to the administration in important state policies.

While Obama was pondering on the Afghan strategy the Nobel Committee in Oslo declared Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to Obama which create more stress for Obamathat will linger rhe dilemma. Should he now stick not to send more troops to Afghanistan or prefer the notion of his Commander and send more troops to Afghanistan?

The people of the world hope  that Obama will come out with clear decision which will create a more peaceful and terror free state in the world.The decision of Obama will dictate the peace in the region in future.

An ordinary citizen


USA is losing in two fronts in Afghan War

Some question the purpose of war in Afghanistan

Obama best person to handle the world’s mess-Sting

Post Script:

4 Dec 2009
President Obama declared much awaited Afghan strategy in a speech which highlighted addition of 30000 more US troops to the existing contingensy of 68000 in that country, training and transition to Afghan forces and gradual withdrawal of US forces from July 2011. He also announced more focus on Pakistan to haunt AL-Queda there.

Link: Full Text of Obama’s speech
Gates: Severe consequences on Afghan Failure


1. Mahmud - October 20, 2009

The US strategy always sounds like that. they says sweet words and do the different… President Obama had got the Nobel Prize but can he show the perfectness of the judgment?

always a question. this Military troops staying in another country will certainly cause more violent suicide attacks no doubt… this is simple psychology….

Bdoza vai… nicely written the topic… thanks 🙂

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