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ACC is frustrated over its own state and state of judiciary in Bangladesh October 25, 2009


The  Chief of Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC)  recently expressed his frustration over ts own state and state of  judiaciary in relation to the corruption cases in Bangladesh.

BDnews24.com reports, the chief of watchdog said. ‘ the government is clipping the wings of the Anticorruption Commission, reducing some of its powers, in phases’.

After making the Anticorruption Commission a ‘tiger without teeth’, the process is underway to cut the nails from its claws,” ACC chairman Golam Rahman told reporters.

Rahman also said it is not possible to wipe out corruption due to the existing judicial system.

“It won’t be possible to remove corruption if the judicial system is not reformed in line with the reality,” he said.

“If the judges are not tough against the corrupt people they would continue to commit more corruption under the umbrella of law”.

ACC chairman also commented that, “It is not possible to prevent high-level corruption without a strong political will. 

The present government has formed a committee for recommendation on the Anti-Corruption Commission. ACC boss probably reacted  to the notice served by the committee.

An ordinary citizen


1. mahmud faisal - October 25, 2009

The same voice… the same tune you represented…
I don’t know how long we will ponder about a thing and would restrict the auto-emitted Frustrations from our inside.

if ACC is in such conditions, if Judiciary process goes in that way.. when would we work to build this nation which has gained damn nothing since 40 years of independence. just two political parties and some chaos for power of the state…

pathetic.. as always 😥

2. bdoza - October 25, 2009

Thanks for sharing ur sentiments on the issue.

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