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‘Change and be changed’ but our politics is not changing November 11, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Prothom Alo A 2Prothom Alo virtually initiated a movement to change ourselves and to change others in order to change our society and our country. It started the campaign from its last anniversary. Throughout the year the organisers extensively traversed the country and enthuthists got together to pronounce their oath and to document their aspirations on the white sheet in inks. Prothom Alo marks one year of this campaign by displaying the long line of flags of oath and aspirations holding hands in hands by thousands of young and old flocked together from all over the country on the seashore of Cox’sbazar. Many distinguised people like Dr. Jafar Iqbal was present inthe congregation and led the oath.

The emotion and displays at the beach, in the capital and in different parts of the country creats hope in our mind. But in the next moment, when we look at the politics of our nation, we feel frustrated.

We see little change in our politics and politicians. We hear the same rhetorics of old days, no national consensuson on major issues, same old blame game and no effective parliament.

Without the change in politics and politicians, I doubt, there will be any real change possible in the country.

An ordinary citizen


1. Mahmud faisal - November 12, 2009

Such Slogans seem worthless to me from the inside…

Many time, many people have I experienced that they are never bothered in ‘Changing’ themselves….

Bdoza vai, I do firmly believe that only changed can be possible if we can grow a generation who are strict in their values and it must be from the FAMILY! each and everywhere corruption has gripped us! 😦 I fear and suspect, how many countries are there on earth like us! (as I don’t know much detail of countries, but so far I am concerned–we are worst)

How could I expect changes “politics” to be changing where the politicians has grown and surviving and fueled by the “UNCHANGEABLE” grip of the path of nowhere….. 😦

Hope you will find good reasons one day, would be able to find some good topics regarding us. that day we will have a lunch together okay vaia? 😀

Nice writing brother 🙂 keep on going…

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