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Verdict on Bangabandhu killing case: Bangladesh correcting itself November 20, 2009

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Bangladesh Supreme Court in its historical judgement on 19th November 2009 upheld the verdict of the Highcourt on the killing case of Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Raman, the father of the nation. High Cort in its last judgment had given the capital punishment to all 12 accused.

Bangabandhu was brutally murdered along with the family members including a minor son Rasel on the night of the 15th August 1975 by a group of armymen. It is speculated that the group had connections with national and international bodies and many individuals.

The case took long 34 years to come to an end. The consirators initially got the indemnity and they were in many ways protected and benfited by the successive governments until in 1996 when the AL-led government repelled the indemnity bill and the case then activated. The progress of the case was delayed many a times for different reasons including shortage of judges and feeling of embarrassment by some of them.

After the new government came to power with massive mandate, it took up the matter with extreme priority and appointed new judges and finished the job at its earliest possible time.

People express their joy, PM Hasina sheds her tears and Barrister Tapash, son of SK. Moni, who was killed on the day, told that the verdict is the best gift on his birthday.

Goverment took extensive measures to thwart any untoward event on the day of judgment and the day passed peacefully.

Friday,the day after the verdict is declared as ‘sokrana day’ and people prayed for the salvation of the departed souls of August 15, 1975.

Bangladesh tried to correct itself of a wrongdoing of killing the father of the nation and changing a government undemocratically and unconstitutionally. But People and the Government must be careful for history not to repeat itself by preventing any situation that may give rise to such unexpected incidents.

An ordinary citizen


1. Ibne Siraj - November 28, 2009

History shouldn’t repeat itself.

2. Братц куклы - February 25, 2010

Hello. I’m collecting information about this case.
Where can I learn more on this subject.

3. Masud - September 5, 2010

1) The day after the verdict is declared as ‘sokrana day’ and people prayed for the salvation of the departed souls of August 15, 1975.

After the death of Mujib how many people prayed for him? How many people uttered ‘Alhamdulillah”?
Nobody was found for his Janaza!

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