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Counting the accountability December 6, 2009


We are often hearing the term accountability in Bangladesh. Political parties are promising in their manifestoes for establishing accountability if they could come to power. Government and ministers are promising to remain accountable for its deeds.

But we are not seeing any practical implication of the term.

There is something wrong in our concept also. We like to blame the government for everything and anything in Bangladesh. But a democratically elected government has got the mandate to run the country for 5 years. Where in any developed country, the mandate is honoured diligently both from the public and the parties, in our country parties try to oust the government or non-coperate with it from day one. Any government elected by the people should be given the chance to run the government for the tenure for which it is elected.

Government also shouldn’t try to defend its any and every ministers/departments/organisations for it’s all deeds write or wrong. Rather the government should try to make the best choices to head its different units-small or large and make them accountable for the deeds they would do in a certain period. Their works should be evaluated by the government and/or by the independent bodies.

Until we could develop this system at our national, regional,institutional and organisational level, our foundation for strong democratic state would never be build up.

An ordinary citizen


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