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Bangladesh in Copenhagen Climate Change Conference December 30, 2009

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Bangladesh was eagerly waiting for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of December 6 to December 18, 2009.

Bangladesh deligates from experts to ministers attended the meeting in flocks. It is learned that 86 persons from Bangladesh attended the conference. PM Hasina also cancelled her schedule of visiting India to attend the summmit and left home on 14th December for Copenhagen. It was hoped that Bangladesh would play a leading role among the developing countries in the conference. Bangladesh has taken a fully active role in the group of LDCs for additional financing and for recognitionof its case. Bangladesh depicts as the poster child of the climate change along with Maldives and few paacific islands. Bangladesh sees its recognition as one of the most vulnerable countries as great achievment of the conference.

Bangladeshis is praised for adaptation to climate change but we are not sure how far Bangladeshis have adapted themselves to overcome the consequences of climate change.

UN reports that 17% of the low costal area will be submerged with the rise of 1 meter sea water due to the effect of global warming.

One interesting devopment is that US President Barack Obama telephoned Bangladesh PM before her joining the conference hoping Bangladesh would play a reasonable role in the conference.

PM Hasina in her speech in the conference expressed satisfaction over the deal in the Copenhagen and hope remining unsolved issues will be sort out soon.

But the Climate Conference ended with bare minimum consensus.

An ordinary citizen


1. Lawrence Baker - December 30, 2009

The World is held hostage to a 20th Century fossil fuel product line. The use of fossil fuels is here until the Earth gives up. The advancement in SCIENCE with new inventions (new economy) is unfunded and will not happen this Century.
Greed is a disease. Good enough is never good enough and the hunger for profit and power is never satisfied- the soul is never grateful.
I am sure the poor, resource rich, countries and Europe are taking a second look at U.S and Communist China industrial relations and reexamining their own alliances. American Multinational corporations have no loyalty to any one country.
At least at Copenhagen 15 no one was seriously injured. The next convention will be held in the “narcotic” designated country of Mexico where mercenary drug lords and Federallies will be available for hire (contractors) to crush the “Friends of the Earth” demonstrators; that outcome could be quite different.
I know many of the Republican, multinational corporate backed right wing hate propagandist that openly broadcast here are banned from broadcasting in Europe. Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Hannity, Faux News and the other paid propagandist are working the multinational corporate backed subversive right wing organizations “U.S Citizens Association” and “Freedom First” (sic) in the same style Hitler used to whip up the “Brown Shirts” in Germany. (Planned August- D.C assault) It always amazes me how people can be manipulated to act, not in their own self interest, but in the interest of the propagandist that control them. (19 year assault)
”Free Trade” (sic) agreements have nullified our American national Sovereignty and Constitution and we are heading for World Corporate Totalitarianism. American Freedom and Democracy- Free Enterprise and a Competitive Market (capitalism) – Free Press-are gone. The multinational corporation’s corruption of our government is near complete, now they want the World.
The real question is: Can the Chinese Communist Party be corrupted by the multinational corporations or will the Party eventually arrest them for corruption and chop their heads off? – (Chinese penalty for corruption- like the death penalty for Treason in the United States.) That is an interesting marriage of strange bedfellows. The Chinese certainly are not blind sided; they built the Great Wall to keep the barbarians out and the structure of Communism well defines who the Devil is. As far as I know, General Motors has the only corporate delegate in the Communist Party and that delegate has only an alternate position.

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