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Obama’s Heath Care Reform & Bangladesh March 26, 2010

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The US Congress ultimately passed the Obama’s health Care bill by 220- 207 votes with the relief for the president and his party.

Through this health care plan Obama tries to give the healthcare in the USA a universal form. According to him , America was trying to reform the Health Care System for the last 100 years but could fulfill its dream due to obstacles from pressure groups.

This time also, Obama and his health plan were sharply criticized by the opponents of the health care including the Republicans, the Insurance companies and others.

The Health Care plan tries to give universal coverage to the health care service to the American citizen irrespective of the financial status. It will impose more taxes to the rich and support the health care from the federal fund.

Bangladesh Heath care also needs a shake up by the government. Bangladesh also needs universal coverage of the population for healthcare, extension of the healthcare service to the rural community, qualitative improvement of health education .

The new Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to support the rural health service by posting 6000 new doctors in the community hospitals and appointing about 3000 doctors in the Government hospitals. But total health system is marred by partisanism and political posting.

Bangladesh needs a comprehensive plan and an honest implementation of the policy.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s Proposals for Health Care Reform


1. Preston - March 26, 2010


Not one day in anyone’s life is an uneventful day, no day without profound meaning, no matter how dull and boring it might seem, no matter whether you are a seamstress or a queen, a shoeshine boy or a movie star, a renowned philosopher or a Down’s syndrome child.

Because in every day of your life, there are opportunities to perform little kindnesses for others, both by conscious acts of will and unconscious example.

Each smallest act of kindness – even just words of hope when they are needed, the remembrance of a birthday, a compliment that engenders a smile – reverberates across great distances and spans of time, affecting lives unknown to the one whose generous spirit was the source of this good echo, because kindness is passed on and grows each time it’s passed, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage years later and far away.

Likewise, each small meanness, each thoughtless expression of hatred, each envious and bitter act, regardless of how petty, can inspire others, and is therefore the seed that ultimately produces evil fruit, poisoning people whom you have never met and never will.

All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined – those dead, those living, those generations yet to come – that the fate of all is the fate of each, and the hope of humanity rests in every heart and in every pair of hands.

Therefore, after every failure, we are obliged to strive again for success, and when faced with the end of one thing, we must build something new and better in the ashes, just as from pain and grief, we must weave hope, for each of us is a thread critical to the strength – the very survival – of the human tapestry.

Every hour in every life contains such often-unrecognized potential to affect the world that the great days for which we, in our dissatisfaction, so often yearn are already with us; all great days and thrilling possibilities are combined always in THIS MOMENTOUS DAY!

Excerpt from Dean Koontz’s book, “From the Corner of His Eye”.

It embodies the idea of how the smallest of acts can have such a profound effect on each of our lives.

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