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War Crimes on Trial in Bangladesh March 27, 2010

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Government has set the stage to start the trial of the war crimes in Bangladesh about 40 years after the war fought for liberation of Bangladesh. It formed the tribunal, fixed the prosecutors and assigned people to inquire into the allegations.

The Government in its first stage listed 25 people, 23 of whom are from Jamaat-e- Islami and 2 from BNP, most of whom are among the top leaders of the parties.

The listed 25 are also present in the list of 50, which was prepared earlier by the Sectors Commanders Forum .

The Chief of the Tribunal assures that no innocent will be punished.

People from different sectors expressed their satisfaction over the event. The Law Minister said that the process may take a little longer time to maintain the transparency and international standard.

Salahuddin Kader Chowdhury, one of the accused and a law maker from BNP reacted saying that it moved by the government to embarrass his party politically and to divert the attention of the people from the failures of the government.

The leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami remain mum on the news and said that as it is legal matter only lawyers will speak over the matter. They are also fixing the lawyers to defend them.

Matiya Chowdhury, a powerful minister of the government said that the sympathizers of the accused may create violence to jeopardize the trial.

The trial of the war crimes is a long awaiting one. Different national crisis and compromise by political parties delays the trail so far. Because of relentless effort by some social groups and increasing awareness of the new generation regarding the liberation war and return of AL to the power make the trial possible.

The trial must be a fair one, transparent and of international standard. The accused also should fight the case legally and at best politically but in no way they should take arms to create violence to jeopardize the legal procedure. That will destroy the last chance of political survival of Jamaat-e-Islami in this country.

An ordinary citizen


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2. Jamshaid Khan Barki - April 8, 2010

However it looks like a political revenge but any how Bangladeshis has to ensure 100% transparency of war crimes trail. The govt may use it in her favor. Trail of war criminals should be under the supreme court of Bangladesh in the presence of media representatives otherwise at low level judiciary, there is a chance of judicial politics. The more the trail is transparent the more it will be in the favor of Bangladesh. Bangladeshis should avoid any type of controversy and have to ensure that no one is using them for one’s own political benefits neither from the inside of Bangladesh nor from the outside.
Long live Bangladesh

3. Bangladesh Newspaper - May 16, 2010

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4. fahim - December 11, 2010

I agree with the recent initiatives of the govt for trial of the war criminals but a question arises that whether it is only applicable for the opposition parties?……

5. fahim - December 11, 2010

thanks for doing wonderful job/////

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