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Ever diminishing image of politicians in the eyes of the people April 8, 2010

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.

Once upon a time people had high regards for the politicians. People remembered their names with honour and dignity.

You can put the name of our past leaders in the list. But when you come to the present, you will feel distant and dissociated from the present political leaders.

The best reason is that these leaders are not representing our interests, the interest of the common people. They are not of our own class- the class of the common people. They have their own class, they have their own identity and own character. People from other classes will not dare to challenge them. In the election and beyond election, they will fight with each other, sometimes from same banner, sometimes from different banners.

During election, they promise for everything, but after election they keep very few. During election, they are so close to you, so friendly and so sincere, but after election, they are so busy and so difficult to reach and you could rarely blame their intention.

They always remain surrounded by their cadres, they form a barricade from the common people. But the politicians depend on their cadres and trust them but not the common people. They try to give benefit to the cadres. They give them license for works, help them to get the tenders, support them in collecting forced donations, use them to suppress the opponents,

They are enjoying the best a country can provide – free furnished quarter in the capital, tax free vehicles etc.

The common people are observing the developments, they could identify the deviations and one day they will discard them and stage a revolution.

An ordinary citizen

Asif Nazrul in Prothom Alo : ‘They are saint, we re satans’

Mohammad Badrud Ahsan in Daily Star: United we stand, Didided we fall


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