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Dhaka is sinking under it’s own sin April 14, 2010

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Dhaka – the capital of Bangladesh is gradually becoming uninhitable- the fact requires no explanation to one who is living in this city or who has visited the city in the recent years.

At present, Dhaka is inhibited by more than 1 crore people.thousands of people are added everyday to its existing population. 30% of the population live in the slum where there is virtually no water, sanitary electricity. It is most polluted city of the world. One will encounter the worst traffic zam in the city and to cross a mile you may lose few hours.

It is one of the most unplanned cities of the world- there is no demarcation between commercial and residential area, no practical bar to dvelop industries in the residential areas. The industries and tanneries are practically allowed to excrete their wastes without treatment into the neaby rivers. Thus the rivers are extremely polluted where the colour of water is turned into black, fishes couldn’t survive and people dare to bath.

The buildings are congested, even in the new areas; though permission is taken, the building code is not followed properly, the powerfuls has little respect for the rules-the BGMEA building in Motijeel is an example of this overstepping.

The city is not adequately supplied with electricity, Load hedding is a regular features of the city for years, more than half of the day people remian deprived of electricity. The scarcity of water is beyond description, many areas of the city has little water supply, the WASA’s supply is also impure, people are affected with water borne diseases in hundreds everyday.The crisis of gas is disturbing the domestic life and industrial production.

The law and order is deteriorating day by day, everyday there is couple of murders and unnatural deaths, the criminals make the life of city dwellers tense and risky.

Who to blame for all these failures? The governments over the years are to blame for all their failures. The beaucrates are to share the blame for their failure to implement for the policies and programs of the governments. The politicians will have to count their lack of prudnece for developng the city into a planned one.

In Bangladesh, all the activities are Dhaka centered- administrative, business or even educattion. All the big shots want to stay at Dhaka, The heads of all offices are at Dhaka; some ministries main offices that at one time were outside Dhaka, have been shifted to Dhaka eg railway. The Judiciary centered at Dhaka, the attempt to decentralised the judiciary have been thwarted by the opposing groups. The MPs prefer to stay at Dhaka throughout the year, whether there is parliamentaty session is going on or not. They have been alloted permanent residence in the Nam Bulding which were actually constructed to accomodate foreign delegates who would come to attend the conferences at Dhaka.

The failure on the part of governments, the attitudes of the beaucrates and others to stay at Dhaka, the unequal growth of business and education in Dhaka in comparison to other cities, promote migration and create an unhealthy accumulation of people and traffic in the city.This accumulation of people disturbs the water, sanitaion, gas supply of the city and polluted the environment and invites the crimes and make the law and order situation difficult, even the lifesopan of the human beings will be shortened.

There is little hope that this sinking of Dhaka would be stopped in the near future.

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