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Power of World Cup Football 2010 July 9, 2010

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Sports.
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We are at the end of world cup football 2010 and waiting for the final to be held between Spain and Netherlands. South Africa, the first African nation, hosted the tournament successfully and days passed without any untoward incident on and off the field.

I particularly impressed by attraction of people throughout the world to the game. Billions of people of the globe are enjoying the game, they are watching, praying for their teams, expressing their joy and sorrow on the moves of the players. No other game could attract so many people at a single time. The politicians and statesmen, the actors and ambassadors, princes and queens didn’t miss the game.

The language of the game is easy. Anybody, from a child to adult, could understand the game. FIFA has tried it’s best to make the game fair. The referees have given immense power to take any punitive action against the offending player. The only time , we feel offended when the referee makes a major mistake for which a team may lose the game. At this point, we feel the need of a third umpire or technological support in making critical decision on the field.

The beauty of the game is in its colour, striated green field, contrast of Jerseys of the players, in the rhythm of the game, the participation of the fans, the joy in the goals and the sadness in the defeat.

We also observed the fall of the great teams for the lack of their preparation, the lapses in the manner of their players, the verbal fighting of their coaches and officials. We also like the emotions and anxiety on the faces on the coaches, their relentless walking on the sidelines, the fruitless gestures of directives to the players, the joy and frustration on the win and defeat of their teams.

Vovo Zela, the musical instrument that give a noisy atmosphere,though I personally don’t like much, does gave a new tune to the game.

Let world cup continue with all its power and beauty at every 4 years with the message of unity in this world of division, war and poverty.

An ordinary citizen

NB: Bangladesh Government promulgated a law banning the hoisting of flags of other countries and giving 2 years jail to the offenders. In Bangladesh, during the world cup fever, you would see flags of different countries, specially of Brazil and Argentina, in almost every house and street of the country. The law has so far made little impact on the behavior of the citizens.


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