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Evolving events in Bangladesh in 2010 July 14, 2010


The events in Bangladesh are gradually becoming more dramatic. BNP staged hartal on 27th June,2010. That was the first hartal after 3 and half years in Bangladesh. BNP went with it’s declared program despite persuasion from the government. The day was preceded by few ugly incidents of torching vehicles , injury and death of personals. The hartal day was marred by collision between law enforcing forces, BNP-Jamaat workers and BCL activists resulting in injuries and arrests.

Police also arrested Mirja Abbas, BNP ex-law maker, Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury, an adviser to BNP chair person and ax-foreign secretary of Bangladesh and a few BNP leaders. Later on Police arrested Nizami, Mujahid and Saidi -3 leading Jamaat leaders on the charge of torching vehicles, harassing police etc. They have been taken into remand for several days. Few JMB and Hijbut Tahrir leaders are also arrested. Police is trying to find out the role of Jamaat leaders in recent hartal and their link with the militant organizations. Different forum are also demanding arrest of Jamaat leaders on the ground of anti-liberation activities. Molla Kader and Kamruzzaman -2 Asstt Secretaries of Jamaat have been arrested and charged for crimes done in 1971. Arresting the Shibir activists is going on from different parts of the country to prevent any thwart any agitation by them.

Mahmudur Rahman, a BNP sympathizer and Editor of Daily Amar Desh had been arrested earlier and the declaration of Amar Desh has been canceled. Chanel I – a TV channel, owned by Tareq Rahman and Gias al Mamun, is also closed down by the BTCL on the plea that it was not fulfilling the precondition for transmission.

The Budget for 2010-11 is passed in the parliament after discussion among the party members in the parliament without the participation of BNP in the debate.

Garments workers are infrequently coming out in the streets on the lay-off of their factories or dissatisfaction over salaries, destroying vehicles, creating vandalism and clashing with the police.

The intra-party conflicts of BCL factions are continuing as the party activists of the opposite group are thrown from 3rd or 4th floor, beaten mercilessly or killed.

Government also arrested dozens of people in connection to the leaking of questions from BG Press and copying in the requirement examination for the primary school teachers.

The declaration of PM in the parliament of the discovery of Jute genome by Dr. Maqsudul Alam and his team is the news that brings hope to the future of jute in our country.

CID indicted 824 persons in BDR carnage and found no clue to the external involvement.

The government also declared to make the country food secure.The businessmen started to raise the prices of the essentials keeping their eye on the Ramadan.

The government is advancing with the transit program with India and to create opportunities of business with seven sisters.

It also on negotiation with Nepal on the question of transit, trade and electricity.

The Government is mulling to improve the road and communication infra-structure of the country including the Dhaka-Ctg highway.

An ordinary citizen

The working committee of AL decided to scrap the 5th Amendment to revert back to 1972 constitution. BNP is opposing the move. Barrister Moudud, a BNP lawmaker opined that it is not possible to go back to 1972 constitution.

Parliament has approved a 19 member special committee for review of the constitution headed by Mrs. Sajeda Chowdhury. BNP is not joining the committee saying that the committee is beyond the scope of the constitution and it is also not sure about the objective of the committee. PM says the door is open for BNP to be incorporated at any time.

Opinion expressed on constitutional reform : Prothom Alo : Syed Abul Maksud, Syed Badrul Ahsan, Harun ur Rashid

High Court scraped the 7th amendment of the constitution-Daily Star, Prothom Alo


1. Jose Keiswetter - September 12, 2010

This a truly great post and may be one that should be followed up to see what are the results

A comrade emailed this link the other day and I’m eagerly awaiting your next post. Carry on on the first rate work.

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