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Eve Teasing -down gradation of our cultural attitude August 23, 2010

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Got an sms from Ministry of Children and Women Affairs to be vocal against the eve teasing (Eve teasing er biruddey shochar hoan). Probably many others will get the message.

In the last few months, eve teasing and stalking are increased disproportionately and many a girls took their life in their own hands getting no way out, some reported in the media , some not, leaving the parents in deep grief, society bewildered and government pondering how to stop this nuisance.

As a whole, there is down gradation of our cultural outlook towards female. If you consider culture as an expression of our moral values, religious practice, education and politico-social exercises, then it is to be accepted that in all these spheres we are scoring low, which is reflected in the attitudes of the young.

Our education has no moral stint, our religious exercises become ritualistic, society is becoming more materialistic and our politics is not bound by ethics.
Our culture is fast loosing its identity and our media is more to please the teens than to depict the reality and truth of life.

Love is depicted in our contemporary dramas, cinemas and songs as a precious objective in premarital and extramarital life. Teens are being influenced by this.

Our law and order situation is not protective enough to safeguard the honour of the females. Law enforcing agencies behave as if in most cases nothing is wrong with the attitudes of the young. Their casual attempts to arrest the offenders make the situation more clumsy.

A holistic approach is needed to correct the situation but a difficult task.

An ordinary citizen

BBC reports Eve Teasing in Bangladesh
Anisul Hoque i Prothom Alo
Daily Star published an insight report on e-stalking on 2/9/10 –E-stalkers on the prowl


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We as Radio Jyoti, new Internet Radio in Bangladesh, love to talk about subject like Eve Teasing (see our links below). Like you, we believe that each individual in this country has a role to play.

Discover Radio Jyoti and particularly:

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5. Kum Vanterpool - May 23, 2011

I mistyped this site and thankfully I found it once more. Presently I am at my university. I add this to my favorites, so that I can re-read it later.

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