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Transformation of Iraq September 3, 2010

Posted by bdoza in International Affairs.

US is withdrawing its major forces from Iraq as declared by the Obama Government.
The question naturally comes up- could USA fulfill its mission in Iraq.
The US and its alliance invade the country on the presumptive presence of weapons of mass destruction even without the consent of UN in 2003. During its staying in Iraq for more than 7 years it didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction. USA, nevertheless, tried to justify the invasion by arguing that Iraq would have been a threat to safety of USA,though the Iraq missiles were proved to be ineffective to heat the targets that far,even to reach precisely to Israili destinations.

It was also presumed that Saddam had link with Al-Qaeda but no evidence was found in that respect also.

Before the invasion, Iraq was a country run by a dictator by the name Sadddam Hussain for long years. It was otherwise a prosperous nation without the practice of democracy.

Saddam Hussain and his forces could hardly stand bravely for a week and the country was conquered in less than a month. The citizens of the world could witness the magnitude of force and the precision of the modern weapons. Thousands were killed in the process, buildings and structures damaged. People started resistance. Resistance continued for days, months and years. Suicidal bombing was adopted as a technique in desperation. attacks and counter attacks continued. Baghdad in particular and Iraq in general transformed into a hell.

The US government tried to establish election and a democratic government in Iraq. I am not sure how far this system was accepted by the Iraqi people.

USA and allied forces also lost many of the soldiers leaving their families in distraught, many become disabled, many traumatized. US economy also affected by the burden of Iraqi war. The economic crisis might have been more deepen by the Iraq war.

Though Saddam has no link with Al-Qaeda, but many think that Iraq becomes the best breeding ground for Al-Qaeda once the war was started.

Once it was thought that Iraq might be divided into three regions. Though Iraq still is a single country, but sectarian fighting is taking away dozens of lives almost regularly.

Does Iraq transform into a better country than it was 7 years before?

An ordinary citizen

The true cost of the war


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