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The Privileged September 15, 2010

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Recently Bangladesh Government has declared that the *MPs will not have to pay any taxes whatsoever their income is. Though the Parliamentary Committee and general public expressed their resentment against the decision, Government is stick to its decision as the MPs are the public representatives and every effort should be made to lessen the financial burden on them.

The MPs are also entitled to bring tax free vehicle for their personal use. In the past, it was found that some MPs bought the vehicles of Taka 1 crore or more and sold their vehicle to a second party, in breach of the conditions, for which they were accused by the ACC during the tenure of the past Caretaker Government.

MPs of the Government parties are in a better position than their opposition. Virtually all the cases put against the MPs during the last Caretaker Government and even before, have been dropped or withdrawn by the prosecutors or the High Court. The no of cases may be few hundreds.

MPs also get the the privilege to control local governments by holding the post of Adviser to the Upazilla Parishad (sub-district council) and it is set as such that without the permission of the Adviser no development work in the local level would be carried out. The authority is bestowed upon the MPs against the protest of the upazilla chairmen and councilors.

Recently a murdered young man found in the private vehicle of an MP who brought the body to the parliament building. The victim was a cadre of his own party. Initially it was thought to be an accident, later the driver was accused of killing. The motive was not clear.The family was pointing the finger to the MP but the investigating authority couldn’t find any clue or connection to accuse him.

The privileges of MP must attract many others to hunt the post. But it will not be easy to be one.

The money they expend and the trouble they take to be an elected member of the parliament, probably they deserve the privilege!

An ordinary citizen

* MP- Member of Parliament

Some rule, some law! on daily Star by Shahedul Anam Khan


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