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The deprived September 24, 2010

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE, Income Tax, POLITICS.
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A very common scene in Bangladesh is beggars on the streets. The number of beggars increased in huge proportion on Fridays at mosques and during Ramadan and on Eid days. Many of them are disabled of various types, most are destitute in their appearance from child to old across the genders.

The numbers and disability reflect the state of poverty in our country and it also reflect how deprived these people are.

Thoughts pass through my mind-can’t we do something better for these people. Does society or the state bear no responsibility to these people?

Do these people have no right to get a share of the taxes that the citizens pay to the treasury?

To foreigners who travel this country, Bangladesh is also identifying itself as a state of beggars, it is reflected in the different writing in their blogs.

What I think, the beggars should be withdrawn from the streets, be given shelters and be trained in special occupations that suit them, the product could be sold in the market and the living should be subsidized by state treasury and organized by the Social Welfare Department.

In Islam, there is spacial system to look after these destitute- the Baitul Mal where state collects the Zakat and support these poor people. A democratic country could at least be a social welfare state.

But we are seeing little evidence in that respect. Not only beggars, people at large are being deprived from the welfare of the state. A state is supposed to give guarantee to the food, clothing, housing, education and health to all citizens. Security and justice should be added to the list.

In broad sense, Bangladesh could yet not be a state of welfare for the citizens.

An ordinary citizens


1. lucky bamboo - March 8, 2011

Agree. It’s a good article that I can apply this for my routine. I loved it, so usefully. Thanks 🙂

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