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Media Vs Government September 28, 2010


An interesting debate is going on between Media and Government.

The debate becomes more focused when the present Parliamentary session blasted Prothom Alo,a leading vernacular, its editor and reporters and few other newspapers for publishing reports criticizing the MPs for their passing bills to enjoy tax free cars and to remove taxes from their incomes.

The journalists and intelligentsia expressed their reactions in different forums over the threat and criticism of media in the parliament.

Before the debate is hardly die down, the Pabna Incident of assaulting the officers in Administration by the party cadres raised a fresh issue. Media depicted the helplessness of the Administration in its follow up reports. 21 accused in the incident were sent to jail after surrendering to the court. Adviser to the PM Mr. T H Imam visited Pabna with State Minister for Home to review the matter and discussed with the Administration and the party leaders. He emphasized that Government is taking necessary steps to settle the issue. After his visit, DC and SP of Pabna and UNO of Sadar Upzazilla are withdrawn. Mr. Imam also said the media exaggerated the issue.

A new event developed at Savar, as media reports, where some government officials made GD in the police station and are abstained from their duty for safely. They made complaints against the Upazilla Chairman for excruciating money from them. Government will not also take the matter lightly.

An uneasy situation is developing in the relation of media and the Government in Bangladesh.

Our dream is shattering as Sultana Kamal, a Human Right Activist and ex- Adviser to Caretaker Government expressed in an article very recently.

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