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Cost of rice and Cost of living October 8, 2010

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AL in its election pledges, promised to keep the price of rice to the minimum and within the reach of the common people. AL after forming the government has tried to keep it’s pledge in respect to price of rice. But the price of other essentials rises , some steadily and some occassionally in the market making the life harder for the low and middle income people.

The other items that making the life difficult is the cost of transport. The cost increases more in special occasions like Eid. The government has little control over the fare especially of Baby Taxi, the mode of transport of middle class citizens. Government has no effort to impose meter reading fare in Taxi, the reasons only better known to them.

The education cost is also increased over the years. The tuition fees is increased. The parents are compelled to admit their wards in coaching centers or have to employ additional teachers at home to compensate gap of teaching at school. At university level, Government has no control over the fees incurred by the administration of private medical colleges and universities.

The cost of living healthy is also gone beyond the reach of the common people. The Government hospitals and heath centers could hardly supply any medicine to the needy.When a major cost of medicare falls on the shoulder of a common man then he sees stars in his eyes. Such is the medicare support in our country.

Most of the people in urban areas, need to depend on rented house for their accommodation. As the government has no control over the rent, the owners are increasing the rent every year on their whims increasing the financial burden of common people.

The cost of living is also increased to maintain the culture in wedding, social functions etc and for the common man to pay the dowry for their daughters.

Will the government take necessary steps to keep the inflation controlled and to reduce the cost of living? Or the people will lose their last faith on the government?

An ordinary citizen


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2. maq - October 28, 2010

So true. But the problem is… none of our governments (past & present) do not bother to pay any attention to the public interests (well… except election time) if those interests do not fulfill their own wallet!

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