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Advisers Vs Ministers November 24, 2010


Recently PM of Bangladesh advised the advisers of the government not to bossing but to help their respective ministers.

Bangladesh Government has appointed a number of advisers to look after the ministries in addition to the ministers. The ministers are mostly selected from the elected members of the parliament. On the other hand the advisers are appointed by the PM from the non-elected bureaucrats and professionals. But the fallacy is that the appointment of the advisers is not supported by the constitution.

Though the appointments were made to support the the ministers, sometimes conflict arises between the action of ministers and the advisers.

Sometimes, the advisers focused themselves more in the media to project their thoughts and ideas and the ministers find themselves in the sidelines.

It is true that the advisers are more prudent, more experienced and more professional than their ‘counterparts’ and we, the people, become more impressed by their ideas and deliberations. But it would have been better if the advisers play their role in the background than more in publicly. Sometimes an adviser also make blunder and raise controversy.
The adviser’s comment on the recruitment of staffs in health sector is a glaring example.

Do the advisers take the role of bosses? But the executive power should lie with the ministers, otherwise the discipline of the administration will be affected. The role of an adviser should be advisory, not executive in nature.

I like the advisers. But our political system does not support men like advisers to compete in the election and come out successful.

Our political system also need to be rectified.

An ordinary citizen


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