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Ads and Accountability December 26, 2010

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Media.
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In a way it can be said that we are staying in an age
of advertisement.

Advertisement is there for since long. But never it was so visible and/or audible. our papers and magazines are filled with ads. It becomes so engrossing that the front and back pages of a newspaper are mostly occupied by the ads, not to tell about the inner pages.

In the electronic media, the ads are interrupting different programs- the news, drama ,talk shows, music etc.The most disturbing is of ads intrusion during news. You will get the ad before the news, after the headlines, and at intervals throughout the news. Sometimes it will be seemed to you that the news is secondary to ad.

Both the electronic and print media men will argue with you that the ads are required for their survival and profit. You will also encounter ads in the roads and highways. The billboards stand tall obstructing your views beside the streets. If it falls on someone and kills him, there will be none to take the responsibility and to give the compensation.

The ads also play with the health and nutrition of your children. The ad of Horlics and Complan have so mesmerized the children and their parents that they are thinking that these are the magic foods to be long. Sometimes the pretensions surpasses any imagination’- such as the ad of a flip-flop that make one taller. The cream that makes one fair and lovely also don’t do any miracle.

The ads become a huge industry and to promote the ad different sectors are involved including Ad manufacturers, promoters and models,none will take the responsibility of the failure of the product for which it is intended. Models portray the characters and influence the human psychology.The models form the main bridge between the people and the ad. They influence the people by their charisma and acting.

So if people are bluffed, would they not take the responsibility and be accounted for?

An ordinary citizen


1. Sajib - December 29, 2010

Most TV advertisements today leave a bad impact on today’s youth. I wish Indian TV ads were made suitable for Bangladesh before airing.

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