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TIB report, findings and reactions December 27, 2010

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TIB has published its report on the state of corruption in different government and non government service sectors in 8angladesh.The survey was conducted between June 2009 to May 2010 in 6000 households at Thana level.

In the survey judiciary came out as the most corrupt sector, followed by Law Enforcement, Land Reform and Board of Revenues.

TIB is conducting the surveys since 1997 at every 2 years interval. This is the first time that they are facing the steepest criticism. The Law Minister said that the report is not correct. The State Minister for Law expressed that the report was designed to demean the government and the judiciary and to jeopardize the trial of war criminals of 1971 and warned that legal actions will be taken against the executives of TIB. The police said that the report tarnished the image of the police department and the method followed is not fact-based.. Defamation cases have been filed against TIB bosses at Comilla and Chittagong. Though the case of Comilla has been canceled but the magistrate at Chittagong summoned the accused to appear before the court.

Mr. Iftekharuzzaman,Executive Director of TIB said the survey was made on scientific statistical method following international standard, that they are ready to face the court. He also opined that the promptness the court has shown against them is expected in all cases by the common people. Mr. Golam Rahman, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission said at the disclosure that the corruption is more widespread than that shown in the report, that the report shows corruption at the lower level, that higher level corruption is more than the lower level.

The report came when the ranking of Bangladesh leaped to 10 from 7.The report is showing corruption is increased in key sectors with no significant change in the ranking.The Daily Star,the leading English Newspaper in its editorial sharply criticized the government attitude. Daily Prothom Alo, leading Bangla vernacular also condemned the way the Government and its different organs reacted to the report. Most positive comment came from Surunjit Sen Gugta,MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Law and Parliamentary Affairs, who says that they may summon Law Minister for hearing on the findings after interviewing the TIB Executives.

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Follow up:
The supreme court has formed a 5 member committee to inquire into the allegations against the judiciary in the TIB report. The TIB is asked to submit the details of the report to the sub-committee.
TIB welcome the gesture of the supreme count and they will cooperate to their best
Supreme court opined that the report all the data in relation to the report.TIB obliged.
Supreme court said they need more information and asked for the hard copy of the report. TIB submitted. Then supreme court then invited the 3 bosses of TIB to have a cup of tea with them. TIB attended and exchanged information over the smoke of the tea.
After judging all information Supreme court concluded that TIB report is incomplete and not specific. There is no directive in the report to help them and they blame t judiciary inappropriately.
However, supreme court formed a committee of its own to inquire into the state of corruption in the judicial system.
TIB commented that their objective is attained as they could make supreme court aware of corruption in judicial system.


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