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Bangladesh Co-hosting World Cup Cricket 2011 February 18, 2011

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Bangladesh is co-hosting the world cup 2011 along with India and Srilanka. It’s a great honour for Bangladesh which is comparatively new in the world cricket.

The inaugural festival was held in Dhaka. It’s a great challenge for Bangladesh. Bangladesh overcame the challenge with a great spectacular show where Bangladesh and other two hosting countries nicely projected their art and culture.

Prime Minister Sk. Hasina proudly opened the world cup 2011. The captains toured the stadium on traditional rickshaws of Bangladesh.

For the world cup, the capital Dhaka and port city Chittagong took a colorful look. The mascots, statues of players and national symbols were stationed at different places Of the two city.

The inaugural bonanza was attended by thousands of enthusiasts. Many couldn’t enter into the stadium due to lack of seats. Prime Minister, Ministers and dignitaries of different countries glorified the occasions by their presence. But there was visible absence of opposition leaders signifying the distance of political rivals in an occasion of national unity.

Bangladesh will also host few games, at Dhaka and Chittagong.

We hope that the play will continue smoothly and in good spirit. We hope that Bangladesh will do her best and will hit a good scores to win or challenge the opponents.

Bangladesh has also extra responsibility to take care of the players, guests and tourists. The safety of them should be a concern for the state.

Th traffic jam may prove bitter for the tourists and the citizens aw well if the authority couldn’t handle it properly.
All the good wishes for the world cup 2011.

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1. Nahin Talukder - February 23, 2011

I really loved the show.. It was awesome. Proud to be a Bangladeshi…

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