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A Proposal for Nobel Peace Prize for Sk. Hasina March 10, 2011

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Bangladesh Attorney General Mahbubey Alam in defense of the government decision to remove Dr. Muhammad Yunus from the post of Managing Director of Grameen Bank argued that Sk. hasina and Santu Larma should have been given Nobel Peace Prize for the contribution they have made by signing the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Treaty that creates lasting peace in the hilly area of Bangladesh.

Few weeks back, a hot discussion was also took place in Bangladesh parliament on Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus. In that session, the parliamentarians bluntly criticized the two Nobel Prize institutions. Some of them then also proposed Nobel Prize for Sk. Hasina.

One should take the suggestion seriously. She is the daughter of Bangabandhu SK. Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation. It is Bangabandhu, whose great image led the nation to the victory in the liberation war after 9 months of fierce fighting against the Pakistani oppressors. She is leading the largest political party in Bangladesh for more than 30 years and she is the most charismatic leader of Bangladesh and is heading the government as Prime Minister for 2 terms. She was awarded many a times including M K Gandhi Award by Norway.She was honured by Ph D/Doctor of Law degrees from different universities of the world including University of Boston, USA. Very recently she was invited by the University of Oxford, London and has given a lecture to a gathering of distinguished guests.
She has orchestrated and signed Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Treaty after long negotiations that brought peace to the hill tracts and saved thousands of lives.

She is committed to the women emancipation in Bangladesh and many of the important portfolios including foreign and state ministry are allotted to the women ministers. She declared the women development policy that was adopted by the Parliament recently.

She is gradually taking the country out of corruption and Bangladesh has ranked 10th in latest Transparency International report where it was no 1 few years back.

Where Dr. Yunus has run a microfinance bank with virtually little impact on the poverty, she is running the whole country and leading it be a prosperous, prestigious and digital state by 2021.

The Novel Committee should consider the proposal seriously and save Bangladesh from unnecessary rivalry between two fellow countrymen that may bring distress to the poor and chaos in politics.

An ordinary citizen

LinK: Life Sketch of Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sk. Hasina: National web portal


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