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Is USA doing excess on Yunus issue? March 30, 2011

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US Asstt. Secretary of State for South and Cental Asian Affairs Mr. Roger Blake recently visited Bangladesh and met with Prime Minister and other dignitaries and talked with the press. He expressed the US concern over the removal of Dr. Yunus from Grameen Bank. He said that Dr. Yunus and Grameen Bank bear a good image in USA also. Grameen Bank is also working there. USA is interested to see the freedom and integrity of Grameen Bank maintained. President Barak Obama and Secretary of State of USA Hillary Clinton are personally concern for Dr. Yunus. Hillary and Clinton have long personal association with Dr.Yunus since their days of Ankarasas. Obama bestows the Presidential Award of USA on Dr. Yunus. USA hopes that a settement can be found out by open discussion between Dr. Yunus and Bangladesh Government.

Is USA playing excess? Apparently it seems. Mr. Blake has gone far to even say that the visit of Hillary Clinton to Bangladesh will depend on the amicable settlement of the issue. Dipo Moni , our foreign minister termed excess US interest as interferce in our internal affairs. At this point the Adviser to the Finance spoke out and said that government is searching a solution for the issue and a committee is formed with the finance minister MA Muhith as the chairman of the committee.

Badruddin Omar and Farhad Majhar, two left leaning intectectual in Bangladesh look the matter as an interference in our internal issues. They see it as a part of all out agenda of USA to dictate the affairs of the region ranging from Afganistan to present conflict in Libya. Professor Imtiaz Ahmed of Dept of International Affairs of Dhaka University said that we created the opporunity for others to interfere in our own affairs.

Many also think that the way the government handle the matter not only demean the only nobel laureate of the country but also the country itself.

As the news goes, the government is taking new initiative to settle the issue. Finance Minister MA Muhith has given the assignment to do the job. Muhith wants Dr. Yunus to come up with fresh proposal.

An ordinary citizen


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