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Burden of good governance March 31, 2011


In Bangladesh, political party wins the election but can’t sustain the confidence on them by the people.

To win, you need a wide political network, massive propaganda and lofty proposals. During election time there is no dirth of these proposals.The election manifestos are full of these hopes and election speeches are sometimes more rhetoric.

But people don’t forget the hopes they were given, the proposals they have heard.

People has their own longing, they have their own priorities and their list of essentials is not long.

To what people does give most importance? It is the right to live. To common people, to eat within his means is the first right. A government must ensure that a man could buy food with the wages he earn. To keep the price within the ability of poor man becomes increasingly difficult for the government.

The second right for a man is shelter, how migre that may be. The governments also fails to give minimum shelter to its poorest citizens. In cities, mainly in the capital , 30 % of population live in shanties in inhuman conditions. Governmentd feel no obligation to build minimum structural support, with water supply and proper sanitation. The government should also create opportunity to get accommodation for low income and middle class people.

The third right people want is security to one’s life and belongings. This security will demand proper law and order situation, protection from theft, decoity, killing, kidnapping, looting and vandalism. Governments increasingly fails to provide security to the people. Recently the Home Minister commented on the theft in house of two law makers that never in the past the houses of the lawmakers were stolen.

The rights of the people also include the justice. It’s a fundamental right grossly lacking in the country. Justice is delayed. It also becomes selective. it’s also costly. Common people hardly afford to seek justice from the court. The recent TIB report depicts the state of judiciary in Bangladesh. Even the TIB bosses fell into trap of harassment and defamation cases for the disclosure. There must have machinery to look into and prosecute against any individual who is at fault. The ACC is turned into a toothless tiger.

The government is also obliged to provide jobs to its citizens. It’s a daunting task. Government should create more jobs In its own administration and provide support to create environment in the private sectors. In private sector, not many industries are growing due to lack of infrastructural support such as gas and electricity. The government also fails to maintain the momentum of the jobs at foreign land. The remittance has already started decreasing.

The government should provide education for all and opportunities for education should be equal for all individuals and uniformly throughout the country. The number of street children are increasing, the increasing no of children are in labour and enrollment in schools is more in papers than in practice. The schools are not uniformly distributed and the standard of education is extremely variable. There is gross rural and urban divide. The opportunities for higher education is mainly confined to the capital. the private institutions at different level remain mainly unregulated.

The right of the people includes getting civic immunities-pure and ample water supply, good sanitation, electric supply , gas supply etc.
People also deserve to have easy traffic and safety of the road. That is also becoming rare day by day.

This list may also contain few more and there are priorities.

The burden of good governance is not of only for the present government but it was for the past government and will be for the future governments.

The political parties should keep in their mind that it may be easy to win but it is difficult to govern.

And failure to deliver good governance to the people may be pricey.

An ordinary citizen


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