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Constitutional reform: Maximum terms for PM, Article 70 etc April 23, 2011

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Constitutionl subcommittee under the co-chairman ship of Advocate Surunjit Sen Gupta is actively considering the reforms to be made in the constititutin. Though Supreme Court in an earlier judgment laid down the necessary reform to revert back to 1972 constitution , the subkcommittee is probably thinking more to consider.

Parliament is needed to endorse the judgement/amendments to transform it into law. Bnp , the main opposition party alleges that the government is distoring the supreme court judgment to serve its own purpose. They expressed that any amendment without the consent of the opposition will not be acceptable to the people. They also demanded consensus of the people in any major changes of the constitution.The subcommittee asked the opposion leaders, PM and his team to sit with the committee. It is also inviting the legal experts to suggest their ideas to the committee.

But will the experts of the constitution and sub-committees also consider the maximum term that a prime minister can hold? In many countries the term is restricted for maximum for two terms. This is thought for bringing new ideas and new skill in governance and thwart the tendency for democratic autocracy among the elcted rulers. Bangladsh should also consider the same for nourisihing better democratic environement.

The other thing the committee can consider is to ammend the article 70 where the elected members of the parliament are tied to the party in expressing and giving votes according to the decision of the party. The members should be free to express their ideas except in no-confidence motion.

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