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Ordeal of Limon May 30, 2011

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Limon was shot on the foot and he had to lose his left leg because of that. He came to limelight of the media because of the ordeal he had to undergo after that incident.

RAB earlier stated that he was mistakenly shot while they were chasing a gang of terrorists. LImon was standing nearby. But After initial treatment at Barisal Medical College, he was then transferred to Sher e Banga Orthopedic Hospital. He was amputated and is kept under tight security.

Son of a poor parents, he was a candidate for hsc exam(12th grade) this year. He was studying by earning his livelihod for himself and his family in parallel. His dream has been shattered because of the incident, After getting bail, he found himself in the Barisal jail. As his would was deteriorating he was admitted into the Barisal Medical College for second time. Doctors prefered to send him to Dhak Pangu (Orhopedic) Hospital again for better treatment. In the meantime , 5 enquiry committees submitted their reports and all the reports found Limon guilty and also found all the members of the family- his parents and siblings’ are involved with the terrorist group

In the hospital Limon asked the journalists to bring poison for them and let them die.

The Military Adviser to the PM said that the enquiry reports are true. There is nothing to deny. The State Ministry and the Law Ministry also endorses the inference of the adviser.

And the ordeal of Limon will be continued.

An ordinnary citizen

Abul Momen- Prothom Alo : http://www.prothom-alo.com/detail/date/2011-05-27/news/157474 (in bangla )

Chronology of events:
2.6.2011: Limon quizzed again
3.6.2011: Limon pleads with PM
7.6.2011: The Inquiry of the Home Ministry couldn’t find out by whose bullets Limon was injured


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