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Caretaker Government:180 degree turn of parliamentary subcommittee June 4, 2011

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Parliamentary subcommittee co-chaired by Advocate Suranjit Sen Gupta was seriously discussing, apparently it was looking like that, the issue of the caretaker government -its form, tenure and who should head the CG etc. They started with a big bag in the media- invited the opposition leader, selective BNP law makers, PM, government lawmakers and the constitutional experts.
After days of dilemma none from the opposition participated in the dialogue. But tle leading jurists of the country including Barrister Rafiqul Hoque, Barrister Aminul Islam, Barrister Jahir put theiir suggestions to the subcommittee. All of them except Barrister Jahir have expressed their opinion in favour of continuing the caretaker government considering the political complexity of Bangladesh where no election under any government other than the caretaker would be acceptable by the people.

The vocal co-chairman of the committee asserted many a times that the caretaker government should be continued and they will proposed for it’s continuity with some modifications.

While the people were waiting to see the modifications in the offing, the committee met with PM in her office in the parliament. She opined that as the CG is declared illegal by the supreme court, there is no scope to keep the CG system in the country.
Just following the meeting, the tone of members of the committee changed. They started to comment against the caretaker government system as if they were ardent opponent of CG from long before. Only the co-chairman maintained the reserve and said that the issue is still open and the final decision will be made in the parliament. But we didn’t heard anything from the chairman of the committee over the past few weeks through out the dialogue.

BNP reacted sharply to the declation of PM and delared hartal on 5th June 2011 and a period political uncertainty starts with this.

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