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Caretaker Issue – is AL government uncertain about it’s win in the next election ? July 4, 2011

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The isssue that was once settled in 1996 , came to the limelight when supreme court in it’s part judgement declared the careteker government illegal. The judgment found BNP off-footed and gave the opportunity for the government to create political and psychological pressure on the opposition.

BNP reacted immediately and declared the protest They first declared a one day hartal, then they declared two days’ hartal. The people predict a confrontational days for the political parties and uncertain future for the country.

But the caretaker issue was a settled issue. It was accepted by the political parties and the people after AL rejected the february, 1996 election result and organised continuous agitation and the state governace came to a standstill.AL and its the then allies including JI proposed to hold the elction under the caretakertt government.

Since then, 3 consequative elctions was held under the caretaker government. The first and third was won by AL and the second by BNP. BNP also won the democratic elelction of 1990 after the fall of Ershad autocratic regime.

So, since 1990 , the honour to govern the country was equally shared by both the political parties,over the last 20 years. The CG system proved to be more neutral, more acceptable, more suitable for Bangladesh. Election under a political government in no way be acceptable to the people,it was rejected in the past.

Our political goverments also tried to corrupt the CG system. As the immediate past chief justice becomes the chief adviser of the caretaker government, the different poltical governents tries to promote the judges in such a way as to make the judge of their choice as the Chief Adviser of the CG.It is not only weakeng the system but also polluting the judiacy by politicization of the bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, the Caretaker system should be continued. A ractification in the appointment of the CA should be made. A competent neutral person may be choosen on the basis of consensus of the political parties to head the government in the interim period.

AL must have confidence on themselves. They have been elected twice through the caretaker system and have the potentiality to win the next election. But they will have to show the courage and confidence on themselves first.

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