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Websites: public vs private universities September 4, 2011

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I had to look into the websites of the universities in Bangladesh. I had to frustrate myself when I browsed the internet for the purpose. Even the website of the Dhaka University is not updated , not to tell the other universities. The website is disorganised, short of information and unimpressive.

I had searched the websites of the private universities also. I looked into the the AIUB, NSU and AUST. I was rather pleased by brosing the websites of these universities. The informations are more or less complete and the web sites are well designed. One could easily informed of the aim and objectives, course & curriculum, tuition and expenses, waiver and scholarships of the universities etc in the websites.

The private university website should also provide the results and assessment of the students so that guardians could see the progress of their wards.

Regarding the poor status of the websites of the public universities, we womder what the computer departments and the administration of these universities are doing !

We also wonder when the Bangladesh will be a digital Bangladesh if the public universities that are supported 100% by the government, remain so backward in designing and updating their websites.

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1. Atul Rupu - October 10, 2012

Well, the private universities are doing exceptionally well now. But, the system of Bangladesh is very poor. Public university students are being treated more than private university students. Although privates student are studying in modern ways, they are regarded as minority. Why??? I don’t know!!!

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