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Transit: prospects and speculations September 5, 2011


Manmohan Singh, PM of India is coming to Bangadesh. Many unsolved issues will be discussed and some MoU will be signed.

One of the important MoUs will be about transit. Foreign Minister Dipu Moni in a previsit presss briefing said that a MoU on trasit will be signed during the period. 
Depapriya Bhattacharjee, Fellow, CPD expressed that transit will bring tremoundous opportunity to Bangladesh but we shouldn’t mess it by ill thought and ill planned unnecessary hurried steps. He added that an independent and complete formulation of the agreement was needed and he is feeling uneasiness to the tidbit approach to the issue. 
 Many demanded to pubish the draft agreement in public but the government is not ready to accept this.

An ordinary citizen

Google search: Transit to India


1. Send Gift to Bangladesh - September 11, 2011

what would be the consequent of this deal, India trying to take a game with us. They will deprive us from all-business, water an so on.

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