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Teesta river water sharing: Ensuring equal distribution September 26, 2011

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Most of the rivers passing through Bangladesh are coming through India after originating from the Himalayas.

Bangaldesh had already in an agreement on Padma river. Among the other rivers Teesta and Feni are the two important rivers on which new agreement are to be made.

I was listening to an analysis of a river expert who opines that the agreement should be among three parties. One party is Bangladesh, the second is India and the 3rd is the reiver itself and the water should be distributed equally among the three parties. Bangladesh was about to sign an agreement on Teesta River during the visit of Manmohan, the Indian Prime Minister. But at the last moment Mamata, the newly elected Chief Minister of West Bengal put her veto on the agreement. Though Center Government and PM of India were eager to sign a treaty , but ultimate they couldn’t bypass the opinion of Mamata. It was thought that Mamata was not duly consulted. But that was not the case. Mamata was briefed on the issue over the last few months. Then why she about turned from her earlier position it was not known. She liked to make a fresh survey on the draft proposl of the agreemnt.

Though our foriegn Minister Dipu Moni was hopeful of positive outcome evn before the day of visit, but the MoU was not ultimately signed during the visit of Indian Prime Minister.

As the Teesta River sharing was not signed, so the Transit was also not signed.But many question the relation between the two.

It was a bilateral negotiation. Neither UN nor any arbitrator was engaged in the process.Some experts was preferring to negotiate the water sharing though UN or other international body. The draft was also not disclosed in the Parliament or in the media.

Bangladesh Govt is hopeful to continue the dialogue on the Teesta river and come to a conclusion within 3 months from it’s setback.

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