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Killing, clemency and justice October 5, 2011


Bangladesh President has pardoned the killer of Nurul Islam as the news published on 21 July 2011. The news has steered the politicians and the public as well.

Nurul Islam was a political activist and a local leader of BNP and a potential threat in leadership to the rival political groups in Laxmipur.

The accused killer is a son of a leading political figure of AL.

Government defending itself said that BNP also in their term gave clemency to the murderer belonging to their own party and President has the right to pardon anyone on the recommendation of the Justice ministry.

Barrister Moudud of BNP said that two campaered case are not similar in nature. The judgment in BNP case was given by Martial Law court, the verdict of which is not uncontroversial.

Some claim that with the mercy in Nurul Islam’s case President failed to uphold the constitutional responsibility bestowed upon him and the mercy will encourage the killers to repeat the same unlawful act.

An ordinary citizen


President’s pardon, citizens’ concern : Syed Badrul Ahsan


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