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Digital Bangladesh: Waiting for a low-priced laptop October 9, 2011


About a year ago our honrable Prime Minister declared that Govt is launching a low priced laptop in a short time at a price affordable to all.

Telephone Shilpa Sangstha expressed that they are producing soon laptop ranging from 7000 to 15000 of 3 different catagoties. 
In this regard,TSS joined with 2M Corporations Ltd, Dhaka and TFT Technology, Malaysia to assemble and 
and produce laptop and notebook.

Tn a recent news, we are informed that India has launhd the cheapest laptop in the world.

Telecom Minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju said in parliament in July, 2011 that Bangladesh will market the laptop soon. Now,it is said that it will hit the market by Oct 15, 2011 and the value are reset at Taka 10000/-,12000/- and 25000/-

The cheaper laptop will be a strong founfation for our dream of ‘Digital Bangladesh for which we are striving hard. We hope that the laptop will be of standard enough to withstand the competition from outside.

We are eagerly waiting.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:
News- PM unveils low-priced laptop in Bangladesh


1. Sajib - October 10, 2011

Although specifications have been revealed in many community blog sites, I’m still in doubt about the performance of these low-priced laptops.

2. Hridoy - November 15, 2011

i want to know about the performance of this low-priced laptops

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