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Nayanganj Election: A tough test for the government October 30, 2011

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Narayanganj City Corporation election is going to be held on 30 October 2011. 6 candidats are competing for the post of city mayor. 3 competitors are in strong race. One of then is supported by the ruling party, the second one claiming to have the blessing the common people and the 3rd one is supported by the opposition.

The election is important from many direction for the government.

The government is obliged to arrange an electon that should be fair and neutral, well managed and free from any sort of interference. As the government is abolishing the caretaker government system and put it’s weight on the strong election commission, it should support the EC in every way to a fair election.

During the campaign, the rules of election was violated by different candidates, the EC warned the candidates but couldn’t take any major decision.

There were always allegation of muscle power, black money, intimidation of voters, communal threat and one candidate also predicts attacks by islamic terrorists.

EC declared to provide Army during election before 48 hours from the beginning. But Government rejects the proposal just before the elction creating great confusion among the voters and the countrymen.The candidates also didn’t take it easily. CEC said government has violated the constitution by not providing the Army.

This election also see the introduction of electronic voting. Objection was raised by candidates on its use in the elction where one third of the voting will be held by the machine. The proportion is enough to manipulate the result in one’s way if the program is altered Or manipulated.

The Narayanganj City Corporation election is a test for government of it,s commitment and sincerity to hold a credible elction.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up :
30.10.2011 9-00 am
Candidate supported by main opposition BNP also declared his withdrawal from the race at fag hours in protest against the government attempt to influence the election by not deploying the Army.

31.10.2011 12-30 am

Election result: Ivy is heading for victory. V for Ivy


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