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Assessing the governance & set your mind for the next election November 8, 2011

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Nest election will be held in the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. The present government started the jouney about 3 years back. AL won the election with flying colours with majority of seats at its possession.
Sk. Hasina became the Prime Minister for the second time. The government tries to fulfil the Promises they have made in their election manifesto. People watched the different activities of the government over these years . Answer the following questions and others that are in your mind and set your mind

1) Does the government remain true to their commitment cited in the manifesto ?
2) Could the government control the price of essentials?
3) Is the government sincere in trying the war criminals?
4) Didn’t the Government do splendid job in hanging the killers of Bangabanbhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman ?
5) the freedom of press maintained during the period and the introduction of broadcasting policy is out of good intention on the part of the government?
6) Do you think that the judiciary is inependent and appointments of judges is appropriate?
7) Do you think that the abolition of caretaker government system is correct and the Election Commission is capable of holding general election fairly and independently?
8) Do you think that the goverrnment did their best to develop and maintain roil, roads and highways and the desperation of people for this sector has no rational basis?
9) Do you think that the goverment has done it’s best to maintain and develop required energy need of the country and you are satisfied with the supply of gas, electricity and petrol to the people.
10) Do u agree that education sector is well maintined and state of education is improved in our institutions and universities significantly during this period?
11) Do you believe that this government is corruotion free as it claims ?
12) Do you belive that BNP is better alternative in the next election or a 3rd force should come up?
13) Do you think that it will be better for the people to judge the candidate individually and not to judge on the party basis?
14) Do you believe that bureaucracy has been politicalised to the maximum in the tenure of this government ?

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