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Blogging and Spam November 18, 2011

Posted by bdoza in Blogging.
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Those who blogs , spam is a common encounter. In wordpress , Akismet acts as a guard against all the spams. I was confident on the ability of the Akismet. So far akismet has detected 70881 spam with 98.34% accuracy to my blog and carefully kept it aside froM the approved comments. Earlier I looked at the spams occassionally and satisfied with its performance. Then I overlooked it for long time.

Recently , I peeped into the spams of my blog. I astonished finding hundreds of spams in the row. I also felt puzzled as the spams are written by bloogers or website owners.

I like many of the ‘comments’. These are not like earlier spams that tried to promote porno site or illegal drugs. I startted to approve the spams. I was impressed by the language of the most of the spams.

Several of my days are spent in this menuevre. I had first checked the comments, then looked at the websites, their nature and content. I was rather feeling a sort of satisfaction by the number and contents of the comments.

I had been spending hours to check the ‘comments’. I was feeling worried about my main profession. Am I becoming popular fast? Will I have to leave my profession and more engaged in bloging?.

When I felt exhausted with the load, i want to refresh my understanding of spam. I Iooked at the wikipedia and got a link there for ‘spam in blogging’. I understood that spam not necessarily only means unwanted site or illegal drugs. It also mean electronic messaging without visiting the actual site.

I found that spam in blogging or in internet got a new dimension and bloggers/website owners are using the spam to increase the visit to their blogs/websites.

This is unethical.
I had to erase hundreds of ‘comments’ one by one.

A blogger or website owner shouldn’t adopt this means to increase the traffic.

We consider bloggers a better human being,

An ordinary citizen


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