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Syria: A doctor in the killing field November 23, 2011

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Basher al Asad is a physician. He stuided medicine and became an specialist in ophthalmology having trained in England. When his father Hafiz Al-Asad died , he became President of Syria, a counttry run by a autocratic system and a single party- Bath Party.

I was not sure how good he would be as a statesman after he had taker over the charge of the country with a backgroung of a physician. I thought he would be more liberal, more demorcratic being educated in England. 
He was running the country not bad atleast externally though President Bush termed it as a state in the axis of evil along with Iran and Libya. The statement was probably more for its anti- Israil standing in the region.
It was thought that USA might strike Syria on the presumption of weapons of mass destruction like Iraq at any time. After the daparture of Bush , Obama came to the presidency and toned down the rhetorics against the countries in the Gulf. 
 But the danger for Basher came from a different angle. The urge for democracy started to be expressed in million voices accross the Arab world. The wave also hit Syria. Initially it was not that strong in Syria, but gradually it takes momentum . People in larger numbers are spreading out on the streets and demanding the change of regime and resignation of Bashar al Asad.

At first Bashar was rational in approach and reconciliatoty in mood. But later he has changed his approach and become aggressive in his attitude and started suppressing the upsurge by his p,lice and military forces,tear gas and bullets. Innocent people are dying on the streets and in hospitals.

We expected Bashar, as a doctor , would have more affection for human life and respect for humanity, but instead he tainted his hands with blood as a killer of thousands of human life only to remain in poweR agaisnt the will of the people.

He will not be able to remain in power and he will be defeated and embrace the fate of Gaddafi of Libya soon.

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