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Dhaka University : Cancelled admission test raises questions November 28, 2011

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The result of admission test of commerce faculty of Dhaka University for graduation courses is camcelled. The test was held on 28th October 2011 . The result was published on 31st October,2011 but the result was republished on 2nd November 2011 on the plea of some students. Then hundreds of students objected to the published result and the second result was cancelled by the Dean Committee. Then on 21st novemebr , the university administration decided to hold the admission test on 9th December.2011

12 students filed petition in the High Court on 22 November 2011 challenging the republished result.

The High Court asked Professor Jafar Iqbal, a renowned educationist for an expert opinion on the issue jn the court on 28/11/2011.

Total exercise raised some questions and confusions. How is it possible in a university like Dhaka University that claims to be the highest seat of learning in the country did such a blunder in a admission test that needed to be cancelled . How on earth it is possible for question setters to leave 6 questions unanswered in the answer script. How on earth it is possible to make mistake in answers in 6 questions where not a single teacher but a group of teachers are assigned.

Who to blame ? The teachers who were primarily made the script or the committee that were assigned the job? Or was the university authority biased in selecting the teachers and made the wrong selection in preparing the questions puting aside the competent teachers?

How will the university authority console the students who are undergoing the agony that arises out of the situation? How will they compensate the loss of oppotunity or years that would affect many of the students who appeared in the exam and then are going to miss?

How will compensate the financial losses that was incurred on the parents?

Is the lapse in the admission test an isolated incident or a sign of continuation of deterioration in the academic administration of the public universities whole?

The university authority should seek apology from the nation and the responsible for the lapses should be punished.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:
Dr. Jafar Iqbal gave his opinion in the court against taking a new admission test and suggested to reassess the old answer scripts leaving aside the controversial questions.

High Court has given the judgment against holding the exam again and formed a 3 member committee to reassess the scripts and publish the result.

Dhaka University VC said they are filing petition against the judgment of High Court according to the decision of the Syndicate.

Supreme Court allowed Dhaka University to hold fresh admission test but no new application will be allowed.
Dhaka University authority declared to hold the exam on 20th December, 2011.


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