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Arab spring,Islamist uprising and US policy December 9, 2011

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Throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa protest against the authotarian rulers started months ago. The protests already led to toppling of the regimes in some of the states that includes Tunesia, Egypt and Libya. In some other states state authorities are reconsidering their power structure and making provision to accomodate more democratic representtation. Morocco and Jordan fall in this category. In some countries people are still strugling like Syria and Yemen and in Bahrain the uprising is vitually suppressed by brutality.

But in countries where election is taking place, Islamists are gaining substantial ground. In Tunesia, an Islamic party won the majority and formed the government. In Morocco also an Islamist party surpasses the the others in the election race and is forming the government. In Egypt, the county that is watched by the world closely , the Muslim Brotherhood has gained majority vote in the first phase.

Why the Islamists are getting the benefit of this Arab spring. It is away from the secular trends that is waving throughout the world.

Is it because of past US policy in the region that maintained a close relation with these autocratic regim of the arab world for decades and helped to sustain the autocratic regime against the will of the people ? Though US was vocal for democracy in other parts of the world but they didn’t advocate it for the Arab World. Is it because the members of islamic parties were persecuted for years that arouse the sympathy of the people towards them and people expressed their sympathy to the oppressed through this mandate? Though the present movement in different countries directly or indirectly has US support , that proves not enough to overcome the attitude that is developed over the years.

But it is likely that the Islamist uprising will interfere with the us dominance in the region and will make Israel more isolated.

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