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Import of Indian Films and Bangladesh filmdom December 9, 2011

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

3 indian Bangla films are allowed to be displayed in Bangladesh by the censor board and 8 Indiam hindi films are under consideration to be displayed .

A debate developed between the film distribution association and association of film directors and artists. The distributors and hall owners are in favour of displaying the indian films, but the association of directors and artists are against it.

Those who are in faour are arguing that the cinema hall owners are loosing in their business for lack of and lack of audience. Those who are against the move are saying that the import will destroy the cinama industry in the country.

What the government could do? The government should rather patronise the producion of good movies in the country.

It is not that good movies are not producing in the country. Some production companies , specially to mention Channel I, are producing good movines on their own effort. Recently a production of channel I , Guerilla, a film based on liberation war was won the best film award in the international film festival held in Kolkata.

We acknoledge that the old Bangla films bear the standard of art in the industry but the new bangla films of India are not better than the local products , moreover they are polluted by the hindi cheap trends and there is no logic in showing hindi films in our cinema halls.

It is to be mentined that Indian viewers are deprived of seeing our television channels . The issue was discussed at different times and in the last film festival also. But with no effect. The reason is not understandtable by the ordinary citizen.

An ordinary citizen


1. Panama lawyer - December 21, 2011

Nice information sharing about import indian film.

2. Samvel - February 3, 2012

What nonsense are you talking about? Consider it a blessing that you get to watch Indian movies, as an alternative to watching Bangladeshi movies that debase fat chicks with cheap lyrics.

3. Md. Mahadi Hasan - September 8, 2014

আমি একটি উন্নত ধারার রোমান্টিক Student Movie নির্মাণের জন্য প্রযোজক অনুসন্ধান করছি । আমি গল্প, চিত্রনাট্য এবং Shot by Shot শুটিং নির্দেশনাসহ স্ক্রিপ্ট লেখা শেষ করেছি এবং এর মৌলিকত্ব রক্ষার্থে কপিরাইট সম্পন্ন করেছি ।
আপনি এটা দেখতে সম্মত হলে আমি আমার স্ক্রিপ্ট আপনার নিকট পেশ করতে চাই ।
আপনার সাহায্য আশা করছি ।
মোঃ মেহেদী হাসান,
রংপুর, বাংলাদেশ ।
ফোন: 01746315639
ইমেইল: mahady10five@yahoo.com

a - September 9, 2014

Please contact a person from the Ministry of Culture or from filmdom who will be of help to you.

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