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Bangladesh and Climate Change Conference 2011 December 17, 2011

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Bangladesh as one of the worst affected countries by climate change had attended the conference with high hopes. The country was represented in the conference by a strong team headed by Dr. Hasan Mahmud, Minister for Environment and Forest.

All the countries agreed to follow a legally binding that will be prepared by 2015 , and will be effective in 2020 . A Green Climate Fund will also be created of 100 billion US$. The management framework is also drawn in the conference. The fund will distribute 100m US$ per year to the poor countries to adapt with the climate change, an initiative taken up in Copenhagen conference 2009.It was decided that Kyoto agreement will continue till 2017.

The conference 2011 was held in Durban, South Africa from 28th November to 11th December 2011. 154 countries attended the conference.

The sponsors considered the conference a success but the scientists and environtal groups disagree with them and opined that the deal is not enough to avoid global warming beyond 2 degree Celsius.

Bangladesh was frustrated over the outcome of the conference. This was expressed in a press conference by the Bangladesh team after coming back to the country.
It was also said that the summit was almost about to collapse that was rescued by last time attempt and some success was attained by the negotiations in the extended day.

Bangladesh is also not convinced with the transparency of the UN climate change fund.The minister said that the developed countries were supposed to give 30 billion dollar to the climate fund. So far only 3 billion is disbursed from this fund. Bangladesh got 300 m from the fund. Till now no money was deposited in the 100b Green Climate Fund. Though Kyoto protocol was extended upto 2017, the big emmitters are allowed to sign upto 2020, creating an uncertainty.

Greenpeace lamented the deal as the victory of pulluters over people.

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UN Frame Work Climate Change Conference, Durban, Nov-Dec, 2011


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