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Bangladesh: 61 District Administrators in 64 Districts December 22, 2011


Government has appointed 61 distric adminstrators in 64 districs. 3 districts of hill tracts are excluded as elected chairmen are holding the post of chief executives in those districts.

The move follows after the government appointed administrators for Dhaka city corporation after dividing it into two.The district administrators are appointed from the district level leaders of the party.

BNP and opposition decried the move as contrary to the constitution. The local governmrnt experts also criticized the step taken by the government in this regard.

As the district councils are part of the local bodies, it was expected that due democratic processes would have been adopted for the district council. But the government didn’t go in that direction and prefer to consolidate their authority over the councils by appointing their own men.

But the thing that is to be ponder whether people will take the measures of the government easily or feel more alienated from the government as they are deprived of their right to choose their leaders at district level.

The appointment has a close similarily with the move of appointment of district govenors in 1974 when the same party was in the government.

Is the party going back to their old concept of governance? Will the people get a wrong signal from the move? Is the government afraid of going into public mandate for the posts?

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