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Trial of War Crimes : New Resolution February 21, 2012

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Bangladesh Parliament in its present session adopted a new resolution on the private members day to try those who are obstructing the trial of War Crimes Tribunal. The resolution was actually passed by the passionate support of the treasury bench members against the intent of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. The state minister present in the session tried to convince the members that actions will be taken against those who are obstructing the procedure of the tribunal. But the members stressed that a new law is necessary for the purpose with an oblique reference to Khaleda Zia and other BNP leaders who are making adverse comment on the trial.

Minister of Law, who was not present in the session, later said that the resolution will strengthen the ongoing trial of the war crimes. Few days back Minister refuted the allegation raised in the western block that the war crime trail is not international and the accused were kept under arrest against the norms. He said that the war crime tribunal is working under local law and there is nothing to confuse.

The resolution also starts a new wave of discussion on whether the resolution should be enacted into law, whether such a law is necessary and whether the law would be contradictory to the constitution.

Opinion differs on the issues. Advocate Suranjit Sen Gupta, Chairman of the Law and Parliamentary Affairs said that a recommendation by the Parliament is mandatory for the Government to transform it into law.

Some say that a new law is not necessary as there are existing laws to deal with the matter and some say that preventing criticism would be contradictory to the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and thought of the constitution.

The resolution adds a new dimension to the issue of war crime trial in Bangladesh.

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