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Hillary on Yunus and reaction of Muhith May 10, 2012

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Hillary on her visit expressed her respect for Dr. Mohammad Yunus in a congregation of youth on 5th May 2012 and expressed concern for any government interfere in the activities of Grameen.

AMA Muhit, Finance Minister of Government of Bangladesh in a reaction said that the comment of Hillary on Grameen Bank is unwarranted. He told that Grameen Bank is a Government establishment and Government, not this government but a Bangladesh government founded this bank decades ago and he is one of the founders of bank. Government contributed to the growth of Grameen not the foreign powers.

He expressed that what Dr. Yunus is telling about Grameen is totally rubbish that Grameen Bank is at stake. He asked to see last one year under government and said that the bank ran smoothly during the period.

An ordinary citizen

News in print:
US sides with Grameen Bank-Daily Star
Hillary’s remark on Grameen bank undue-Daily Star

Debate continues

News: Asharaf, Acting General Secretary of ruling AL ‘Sniffs at Yunus
Minister’s comment draws flaks
We are in a fools’ paradise


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