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Arrest of 33 opposition leaders-Government is in hard line May 21, 2012

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33 opposition leaders Prime Minister’s office and hurling bomb into the secretariat. The leaders first went into hiding to avoid arrest but later entered into High Court premises to appeal for bail, they had to dodge the security cordon surrounding the high court, the story gave rise to funny stories. The heavy police presence was challenged by the Bar Council Association and the lawyers warned of starting agitation against the presence. The petition was moved but the judges were given divided opinion and the case was sent to the Chief Judge who refer the case to a third judge who ordered the accused to surrender to the lower court and asked the police not to arrest them in the meantime. The accused reported to the lower court with their lawyers and pleaded for the bail but the judge refused the appeal.

Many observers speculate that the sending of so many opposition leaders to the jail is an unexpected incident. This will increase the conflict between the two camps and deteriorate the political situation.

An ordinary citizen


1. Chatradol - May 21, 2012

People are bored with this government.

2. Tareq Alam - June 11, 2012

Our police can’t find the murderers of two high profile journalists, they cant find out where Ilias Ali is, but it took them 3 days to make the charge sheet of this case. How can you convict someone who was not there while the torching was going on. The political parties should stop making such obvious ploys.

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