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Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Parliament and Facebook June 15, 2012


Speaker of the parliament Abdul Hamid Siddique decided to expunge the unacceptable words uttered in the parliament few days back. Quoting a newspaper, an independent member of the parliament raised the issue and two other members of the parliament brushed Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed in a language not usually heard of against a teacher of his rank. On the day House even demanded to bring Abdullah Abu Sayeed to the parliament to seek apology. Neither the Speaker nor the Deputy Speaker was present on the day of occurance.
It was the Deputy Speaker who first said that Parliament did wrong in dishonoring a respected man like Professor Abu Sayeed. TIB protested the incident in the parliament and submitted a record of the address that Abdullah Abu Sayeed gave in its meeting. Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed also denied the allegation.

It was found that some papers distorted his speech and the some members not following the parliamentary proceedings made casual comments.

What he actually said is reported in the Daily Star as ‘The Daily Star has learned what the noted litterateur had actually said at the event of Transparency International Bangladesh. It is not corruption when a thief steals, but when a man who has undertaken to follow ethics, rule and the law indulges in stealing then it becomes corruption, Prof Sayeed said.’ He didn’t remark MPs as thieves.

The comments of the MPs on one of the greatest teachers of our time sparks through the Facebook and drew angry reactions.
Only the prudence of the speakers save the government from further embarrassment.

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