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Justice Habibur Rahman on media June 18, 2012

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Justice Habibur Rahman made some hard observations on the media in his speech on Freedom of Speech’ organised by the Journalism Training and Research Initiative on 5th May at Dhaka.
One of the observations of him is that the newspaper industry is now a big investment sector. Money and trade is a common game there.
‘Journalists and authorities are trying to please each other’.
‘Newspaper become a subservient one’.
‘Freedom of newspaper owners is considered as freedom of the press’.
‘There is limited freedom of press in Bangladesh’.
‘Only a handful of readers can know whose interests the editors or publishers are serving under the cover of this respect.’
‘From loan defaulters and land grabbers to military and non-military intelligence are financing the publication of newspapers’.
‘Investing in newspapers has become lucrative to the rich who often do not hesitate to publish something in print for immediate gains or creating panic and defeating rivals.’
‘Due to lack of security, the door for free journalism is getting closed. In such a situation, journalists will have to look after their own interests’
‘At least for the sake of getting justice, the two unions of journalists will have to be united, and I want to live with this hope.’
‘288 journalists became victims in 154 incidents. Of them, 101 suffered repression for publishing reports while 110 were assaulted while covering news events and 47 came under attack by law enforcers.’
‘Journalists were now divided into two factions and that social and political rogues were deriving clear advantage from such a divide’.

[The source is Daily Star]

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