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Padma Bridge, World Bank and Bangladesh July 5, 2012

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World Bank has cancelled the Padma Bridge contract of 1.2 b US$.In support of their decision, they said that Bangladesh Government didn’t comply with their request to convincingly investigate the allegation of corruption in the project by the Bangladesh officials.

WB sought the following actions “(i) place all public officials suspected of involvement in the corruption scheme on leave from government employment until the investigation is completed; (ii) appoint a special inquiry team within the ACC to handle the investigation, and (iii) agree to provide full and adequate access to all investigative information to a panel appointed by the World Bank comprised of internationally recognised experts so that the panel can give guidance to the lenders on the progress, adequacy, and fairness of the investigation,”

In in immediate reaction, Finance Minister of Bangladesh Mr. MA Muhith refutes the decision of World Bank and said that it is based on the opinion of past World Bank President Zoellick. Then in the prliament, Muhith gave a statement blaming World Bank not to hid to Bangladesh proposals and blamed World Bank for dishonour Bangladesh people. Muhith says that the credible evidence of World Bank is not acceptable to Bangladesh.

Communication Minister Obaidsul Quader said that Padma bridge will start in set time. He is negotiating with Malaysia to develop an alternative proposal over months.He declared to show surprise that he withdrew later as a slip of tonge.

Noted personalities, different socio-economic forums and political oppositions urged the government to punish the culprits and to renegotiate with World bank to settle the issue.

Prime Minister Sk Hasina said in the Parliament that Bangladesh will build Padma bridge with it’s own fund and criticized World Bank for withdrawing the fund.

People are waiting to see the end of the debate and to see their dream come true.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

Sajeda Chowdhury said the we can build the bridge by donating our one day expenses.
Suranjit Sen Gupta expressed that 2 hands of 16 crore people are enough to construct the bridge.
Insurers offer their support for construction.
Padma bridge will be constructed with our own funds-PM. PM also declares that the work will be done by this fiscal year.
BNP opposes Padma bridge with own fund


1. H A H M A Jabbar - July 7, 2012

wb canceled; that is good for the country, but politically not good for parties.

2. Sam Mith - February 21, 2020

I really enjoy reading and also appreciate your work.

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